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In December 2020, the Company added its ‘meera’ branded products as additional products to its products. These products are minimally processed foods with a unique taste at an affordable price to meet the growing demand for minimal processed convenience home cooking foods. Hakama Company Limited is currently focusing on the processing, production and marketing of “Meera” branded minimal processed foods. Other food products development opportunities will be addressed in the future that will create additional employment and profit by expansion in the market share. The high-quality nutritional value of its products has made it possible to serve homes, schools and restaurants by reducing time used in cooking and this to our view will help us to attract more consumers and gain competitive advantage and survive in an industry already in existence with many processed food producers. Additionally, the company has a social responsibility of creating jobs, educating our school children and our local communities on the need to make healthy food choices, some food safety tips and giving our young children some handicraft skill training.